How to Book the Lowest Airfare

You don’t have to be rich to travel well. – Eugene Fodor

I’ve been watching Vlogs this week while working just to speed up the time 😉 I got so inspired. So, I was thinking of writing a blog however most people are socially attached to Facebook so I posted this first in Facebook as a normal timeline post. They might be interested of what I am going to write and might help them too. This will be based on personal experiences 😄

How to book a flight during lowest/piso fare promo:

1. If you want to be updated with the latest promos and seat sales, you may sign up for an account for GetGo -it is a Cebu Pacific rewards system and they will send you an email or SMS if there will be an upcoming seat sale or promo. Other airline companies like AirAsia have their own rewards system too and they send notifications too.

Visit for more information. I am not affiliated with them or anything. It’s about sharing. Because sharing is loving!


This is a screenshot of the SMS I received.

2. Expect a lot of people booking because everyone wants to save money for airfare. So, the website will be down, slow and basically will eat up your patience. You may download a VPN. There are free VPNS that allows you to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. It will make the browsing experience faster. It would mean less web traffic. It would mean a one-time help. Bitaw, char ra nang definition sa VPN ha, thanks to my good friend Google. But this is what I’ve figured out a few months ago. Most people were having issues but me? Nakabook jud ko bes. Mao diay to. Wala man gud traffic sa Iceland. Browsing virtually or remotely lang. I also read in DIY Travel Philippines that a relative in Australia booked their flight and that was fast, no hassle. So, sulbad!!! VPN ra diay. Mao na diha 😃 Just Google it. Everything is Google. I cannot provide a specific link for this one.

3. Think of a destination and the possible dates. You have to go through each of the dates. It would be better if you will use a desktop or it should be on a desktop view if you are using a mobile phone or tablet. You know why? Because you will be able to see the prices for like 7 days. So you can go through each date until bang!!! Piso or Promo fare.

This is how I do it. This is only an example, I haven’t saved a screenshot of my lowest promo booking.


But take note, piso fare will not show as in P1.00. It will eventually show you the lowest fare. Piso fare is just the base fare. For example, I got my two-way fare to a place in Mindanao for a total of P830.24 with taxes and fees. It was a piso fare and it will be shown on the summary of fees but on the selection page, it should be around P200+ one-way. Based on my schedule, I picked a date for departure and find another cheap fare for going home. This always depends on your time frame.


4. Be ready with your debit cards, credit cards and all other info. Sometimes, they do not accept payments through payment centers especially during piso fare promos. Be ready with you personal information as well as your travel buddies’ info too to make the booking fast.

5. Try to check for app booking because sometimes they differ in prices too. These applies to group bookings and solo bookings. You may be able to book a cheap flight when you are alone or in a group or the other way around.

6. Lastly, just be patient and if you wanted me to help you book, just send me a private message with a minimal booking assistance fee. Nah! Just kidding 🤣

Happy booking and see you in Siargao this March 😍



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